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April 06, 2024: Haftorah - II Samuel 6:1-23

This week's Haftorah reading is from II Samuel 6:1-23. Join Dr. Jeffery Myers as he warns us about how whenever we enjoy a season of close relationship with our Heavenly Father, and are filled with very high levels of joy, we need to be on guard so that we are not taken by surprise when the enemy tries to come in and disrupt our joy! Remember, pirates look out for loaded vessels!

Follow along in the AUDIO PODCAST, by clicking on the play button below, and reading along with the notes, as you listen to today's Haftorah Portion:

Haftorah reading is from II Samuel 6:1-23

Lion of Judah Speaks: Haftorah – II Samuel 6:1-23:

The haftorah for Parashah Sh’mini tells how King David had the Holy Ark brought to Jerusalem.  We know that a mistake was made that caused the death of Uzzah, and delayed the procession for 3 months. As the procession proceeded, the haftorah tells us that when the Ark was being carried to Jerusalem that “David danced joyfully with all his strength before Elohim, and David was dressed in a linen apron” II Sam. 6:14.


David had been soaring up on eagles’ wings.  Perhaps never before in his life had he so enjoyed the public worship of Adonai.  He had forgotten everything in the delight of bringing the Ark of Adonai home to his own city, where he had prepared a tabernacle for its resting-place.  It was a high day, a day like no other, such a day as the nation had not enjoyed in all its history before.


David, when he entered the city, his joy was for Adonai only – without any personal reason or personal gain in mind – and so his joy was unbridled and he leaped as well.  Exactly at that moment his wife, Michal, Saul’s daughter, felt disgust at seeing her husband dressed like a common Levite, and leading the way in the midst of the common people, came out to meet him, full of furious scorn.  II Samuel 6:20 says, “When David returned to bless his household, Michal the daughter of Saul came out to meet him and said, “Such honor the king of Israel earned for himself today – exposing himself before his servants’ slave-girls like some vulgar exhibitionist!”  Her harsh, sarcastic language exaggerating what he had done, and imputing to him what he had never done, she scolded the man she had scorned.  How he must have felt it for the moment!  The enemy always works this way…always suspect some danger coming when you perceive too much joy.  It may sound like a paradox, but it is true, and experience proves it, that we never seem to be so near meeting the devil as when we have just been with YHVH.  Whenever we enjoy a season of close communication with our Heavenly Father, and are full of very high joy, be on your guard!  The very worst side of the world will be turned towards you when you have been nearest to the Throne of YHVH!  Pirates look out for loaded vessels!


Maybe Michal had never spoken like this to David before; but then David had never danced before the Ark of YHVH with such intensity.  Here stood the man of Elohim confronted by one whose feelings were the opposite of his own. Like an iceberg, she chilled the moment like as Alaskan tundra!  This led David to reaffirm and plainly state his faith in YHVH.  II Samuel 6:21-22, “David answered Michal, in the presence of Adonai – who chose me over your father and over everyone in his family to make me chief over Adonai’s people, over Israel.  I will celebrate in the presence of Adonai.  I will make myself still more contemptible than that, and I will be humiliated in my own eyes, but those slave-girls you mentioned will honor me!”


There is great power in the truth of who you have been called to be when we grasp it!  YHVH has chosen him which causes him to break forth in song, adoration, and praise.  Yeshua HaMashiach has manifested Himself to him as He does not unto the world, and therefore he acts toward Yeshua as the world can never act, and does what the world can never understand.  David knew that YHVH had chosen him to be ruler over Israel and chosen him for such a time as this!


This inward knowing made Elohim the leading thought with David, as well with all of us, when we are inwardly persuaded of the Ruach that Adonai has chosen us out of the world, it becomes our greatest force in our lives, our chief motivating power, the main thought of our mind.  Observe how David said to his wife, “It was before Adonai”; and all through this chapter you constantly read that David did this and that “before Adonai.”  In II Samuel 6:14 we read, “And David danced and spun around with abandon before Adonai.”  Is it true in our own lives? Elohim will be realized in every passage of our life?  Has Elohim chosen me to be His own?  Then, I see the hand of Adonai in my parentage, in my birth, in my upbringing; I see the hand of Adonai in my calling out from the world, and in my faith in Yeshua.  I see His providence, preservation of me from the paths of the destroyer; in fact, everywhere I see YHVH!  The people who believe that YHVH has chosen them, from that moment beholds a living Yah in everything in their lives!


David that day worshipped YHVH in spirit and in truth!  Some people within the Kehillah think of anything and anybody rather than YHVH.  They notice people’s clothing, where they sit, who is there, who is not there, the preacher’s little slip in his language, anything is a welcome diversion to them.  However, it was not so with David; to him YHVH was all-in-all in worship!  Elohim, who searches the heart, knew what David meant by his dress, his playing the harp, his leaping and dancing in the midst of the people.  It was “before Adonai” that he showed his excessive joy; and if others happened to be there as spectators, he did not repel them, but he did not restrain himself.  If Adonai accepted him, and his offerings, and his praises, he would have all he wanted, whether the multitude or his wife accepted him or not.  So, the people who believe that Elohim has chosen them unto Himself will worship Adonai alone!  It is ours to worship always, and to worship none but YHVH!


This understanding of David being chosen created a proper disregard for human opinion.  In David’s worship, he did not allow the opinions of men to burden him.  He worshipped “before Adonai”, and there he left it, men might judge him mad, as Michal seems to hint that he was; or they might condemn him as fanatical, extravagant; but this was as the chaff of the threshing-floor to him.  As long as he knew that his heart was right before YHVH, he would not yield to people.


Elohim’s chosen servant is not the servant of men.  He could not serve two masters, and he does not try to do so.  He goes about his master’s business with a holy liberty of soul for his bonds are loosed towards man.  The man who says, “YHVH has chosen me”, can afford to let others think and speak after their own nature, it is his business to take his stand separately and deliberately and distinctly to do what he believes to be right and let the many or the few do as they will.


David’s understanding of being chosen causes a low opinion of self as we read in II Samuel 6:22. David would more and more abase himself before Adonai.  He felt that whatever his wife’s opinion of him might be, it could not be more humbling than his own view of himself.


David’s understanding of being chosen stirs a desire for the service of YHVH.  Such service will be personal.  David must serve Elohim himself.  He cannot let the priests and Levites do it; he must take a turn as a Levite himself.  Lots of people allow their ministers to serve Elohim for them, however, the person that Elohim has chosen must have a personal relationship and must offer a personal service.  The woman who had much forgiven did not come to Peter and ask him to give the alabaster box to Yeshua on her behalf.  No, she must break the alabaster box and pour out the ointment herself.  David and you and I must honor Elohim Himself.  We must come into His presence with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise.  If you are really chosen, you will take pleasure in what you can do for him.  Your duty will be your delight!  This service will be in connection with great sacrifice!  It is shown by offering sacrifices in obedience.  We must be careful to bring back the Ark into the tent in a proper manner.  Everything was done according to law without incident the second time.  As the chosen, we will be careful of the will of Him that chose us.  If YHVH commands a thing, it must be done!  YHVH’s precepts bind His chosen.  We delight to run in the way of His commandments.


Lastly, Elohim’s chosen will be excited with sacred enthusiasm.  David had an inward delight in Elohim.  Elohim was his exceeding joy!  In David’s case his inward peace boiled over in holy excitement.  Before the Ark he was singing, playing, worshipping, and showing joyful motion in his body.  His body danced because his soul and spirit danced!  When we know who He is and realize we have been chosen it sets our soul on fire with enthusiastic joy in Yah!


In conclusion, David felt so joyful that he desired everybody to know of his joy in Elohim.  Complete subordination to YHVH is the desire of every person who delights in being chosen of Adonai.  Those who are chosen are YHVH’s portion and are not their own to live unto themselves.  Remember, YHVH’s truth is more profound than all the speculation of men.  “The foolishness of YHVH is wiser than men” says I Cor. 1:25. Do I get an Amen!


Shabbat Shalom Mishpocha,


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Hold to YHVH’s truth, no matter what may challenge it!  Let YHVH arise, and let His enemies be scattered!   Have a blessed and powerful Sabbath with Adonai and your kehillah!  See you at the altar!


Shalom Aleichem

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