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December 23, 2023: Parashah Torah Portion Vayigash

This week’s Parashah Torah Portion Vayigash is taken from Genesis 44:18-47:27. Join Dr. Jeffery Myers, as he closes in on the crescendo of Yoseph's life, where the report of his brothers' arrival came in and the events leading up to Yoseph's big reveal of himself to his brothers, are unfolded! And in ONE MOMENT, ELOHIM'S master plan is revealed!

Follow along in the AUDIO PODCAST, by clicking on the play button below, and reading along with the notes, as you listen to today's Parashah Torah Portion:

Parashah Torah Portion Vayigash

Lion of Judah Speaks: Parashah Torah Portion Vayigash - Genesis 44:18-47:27

In this parashah we see the climax of Joseph’s narrative as his brothers arrive in Egypt.   Genesis 45:16-18 says, “The report of this reached Pharaoh's house: “Joseph’s brothers have come”; and Pharaoh and his servants were pleased.  Pharaoh said to Joseph, “Tell your brothers, ‘Here is what you are to do.  Load up your animals, go to the land of Canaan, take your father and your families, and come back to me.  I will give you good property in Egypt, and you will eat the fat of the land.”  The reason why I start with these verses in this portion is because it is apparent that Pharaoh nor his servants had ever heard what Joseph’s brothers did to him.


When we are wronged by someone, it is natural to tell others about it.  We want to tell others about how it happened so we garner their sympathy and support.  Sometimes it makes us feel better to know that others are aware of the injustice committed against us.  We seek out sympathy and commit a small act of retaliation.


Pharaoh was delighted when he heard Joseph’s brothers had come to Egypt.  He immediately made provision for them so that they would survive the famine and live in safety and comfort.  This response reveals an important detail about Joseph’s stay in Egypt.  Apparently, the entire time he had never told anyone the story of what his brothers did to him.  Joseph loved his family so much that he could not bear the thought of having them defamed.  He kept the entire episode to himself, in fact, the only thing he ever said was in Genesis 40:15, “For the truth is that I was kidnapped from the land of the Hebrews, and here too I have done nothing wrong that would justify putting me in this dungeon”.  His love for his brothers compelled him to protect their reputation.


Instead of us emulating Joseph- who was concerned about protecting the dignity of his loved ones, it seems we do the opposite.  Let me give you a couple of examples:    Husband and wife eating out at a restaurant and the husband drops his cup- spilling his beverage- embarrassed the wife rolls her eyes and says to the stranger sitting at the next table, “He is such a klutz.”   Another example is a man is out with his friends and when they begin discussing the foils of marriage…all in fun he complains about his wife’s bad habits and everybody laughs.  The last example is the child who talks about their father/mother to their friends- telling them how ridiculous they are, etc.


Why would we sell out the people we love like this?  It seems the wife shows more concern for the opinion of a stranger than she does for the dignity of her husband.  The husband has a higher regard for a few laughs than he does for the reputation of his wife.  The children want to be accepted by their peers rather than to appreciate the sacrifice and wisdom of their parents.  Let me give you one more example:  A woman having a hard time at her Messianic assembly…she is involved in a conflict with other members, frustrated with the congregation so she tells her un-believing friend about all the problems.  However, eventually the conflict works itself out and peace is made and unity is restored.  Later she asked her friend to attend a service with her and her friend calls her crazy.  The friend tells her, “After the way you talked about those people and that place, I wouldn’t set foot there.”


Joseph never told the Egyptians about the incident with his brothers because it was none of their business.  So, by maintaining discretion, he was protecting the name and reputation of Elohim in Egypt.  If he would have told them they would have cause to say, “If that’s how the followers of Elohim behave, I want nothing to do with Him or your religion.”  Look at Joseph, he doesn’t retaliate but instead he breaks the cycle by offering complete forgiveness (Gen. 45:4-15).


He was able to offer his brothers a gracious and complete pardon because of his confidence in Elohim’s goodness!  He saw that, though the brothers had meant his sale into slavery for evil, Elohim meant it for good. Everything had worked out according to Elohim’s plan and wisdom!


Listen…to a certain extent, our words create our own reality!  At the very least, our words and attitudes color the reality we must live in.  How we respond to life’s hardships determines how much of a toll those hardships will take on us.


Joseph sends his brothers back to Canaan loaded down with gifts.  Now, remember that his original conflict with his brothers had been aggravated by the fancy coat of many colors.  Joseph gave them each a princely garment from the royal cloth of Egypt but gave Benjamin 5 changes of clothes.  Why would he do the same thing his father had done showing more favor to the youngest son?  It was a test of their hearts as they once again see one of their brothers favored as Joseph was. 


Elohim forbids covetousness…being the 10th commandment!  It is the only one that legislates a feeling.  The others prohibit specific behaviors and actions but the 10th prohibits a thought of the heart!  Covetousness lies at the root of a great deal of unhappiness and human suffering.  To covet what is not ours is an affront to Elohim, who provides us with all that we need according to our need.  Covetousness is a complaint against Elohim!


In I Clement 9:1 it says, “Let us yield obedience to His excellent and glorious will; and imploring His mercy and loving-kindness, while we forsake all fruitless labors, and strife, and envy, which leads to death, let us turn and have recourse to His compassions.”


In Genesis 45:3-5, it is at this moment when Joseph reveals himself.  At this moment he says, “I am Joseph.”  The master plan of Elohim became clear and the questions were answered!  Everything that happened over the past 22 years fell into perspective.  It will be the same for us when Elohim reveals Himself and announces “I am Elohim”, “I am Adonai.”  The veil will be lifted from our eyes, and we will comprehend everything that transpired throughout our lives!


For more than 2 decades Joseph’s brothers lived in a state of anguish and remorse.  They were responsible for their brother’s exile, their father’s suffering and everything seemed out of kilter and now they were ready to lose Benjamin and break their father’s heart again.  They were humiliated, accused of theft and spying, felt hopeless and helpless about the situation, their family was starving, the whole world was coming apart around them and it seemed Elohim had utterly abandoned them…but those words…” I am Joseph” changed everything!


There will come a day when Messiah will reveal His identity to all of Israel but it will be done in His own time and on His own terms!  Prophetically his brothers did not believe that he was really Joseph.  In a similar way, Yeshua has been so misrepresented to Israel that it is currently inconceivable for many devout members to accept Him as Messiah.  It is hardly even conceivable that Yeshua was a Jew at all.  However, truth will be revealed!


The revelation of Joseph brought a moment of sudden clarity to the brothers and the same with us!  When that day comes, the scales will fall from all of our eyes and we will perceive Elohim’s hand at work in all events.  We will finally understand the long separation and concealment.  We will understand the events of history.  We will understand our many troubles and sorrows and they will be lifted as we perceive the sovereign hand of Elohim in all of these things.  Can I get an AMEN! 


Shabbat Shalom Mishpocha,


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Shalom Aleichem



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