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July 29, 2023: Parashat Torah Portion Va'etchanan

This week’s Parashah Torah Portion Va'etchanan is taken from Deuteronomy 3:23-7:11. Join Dr. Jeffery Myers, as he sheds light into some of the answers we may receive from ADONAI, that may not be to our liking. We need to trust in ELOHIM’s wisdom and kindness, knowing that, He has our best interests in mind.

Follow along in the AUDIO PODCAST, by clicking on the play button below, and reading along with the notes, as you listen to today's Parashah Torah Portion:

Lion of Judah Speaks: Parashah Torah Portion Devarim - Deuteronomy 3:23-7:11

Moses longed to enter the Land, so too Yeshua awaits His return to Israel. He awaits the day of redemption when He can return to His Land, people and disciples to bring His work to a conclusion. Moses had done a great work! He delivered the Torah, the words of Elohim, laws and standards. He wanted to finish the journey. He wanted to cross the Jordan and stand on the soil of the Holy Land. Deut. 3:25, “Please! Let me go across and see the good Land on the other side of the Jordan, that wonderful hill-country and the L’vanon!” He felt he had more to learn and more to be taught. The same for us, we have not arrived but with each new discovery we realize how little we know. Mastering the whole Torah is like a dog running up to the beach and sipping a gulp of sea water. We should never be discouraged! You are not required to finish it all, but neither are you free to neglect your Torah study.

Moses, the giver of the law, desired to enter the Land of Israel where he would be able to fulfill the mitzvot. It has been said that Torah life in the Diaspora is like an egg without its shell. You still have the yolk and white but it is not complete. In Moses’ life he ordinarily got what he asked for but not even Moses got everything he wanted. Elohim responds, “Adonai said to me, ‘Enough from you! Don’t say another word to Me about this matter!” (Deut. 3:26)

Elohim has a right to say “NO”, in Ya’akov 4:3 it says, “You pray and don’t receive, because you pray with the wrong motives, that of wanting to indulge your own desires.” However, even if the right motives are present, the answer still may be NO! We need to trust in Elohim’s wisdom and kindness, knowing that, He has our best interests in mind. Moses implored Elohim to allow him to enter the Land, He wanted to fulfill all of the Torah commandments, which could only happen if he entered the land.

In Deut. 4, Moses continues to prepare Israel for his departure by attempting to impress upon them the importance of following Elohim’s commandments, the rewards which will result from obeying His words, the punishments they will incur if they neglect to do so and to seek closeness to Elohim.

First, he recounts his pleading with Elohim and His refusal. He recounts the climb up on the mountain to view the promise. He tells them to follow Elohim’s laws and never add or subtract from them.

Second, He implores the Israelites to treasure the Torah. He praises its wisdom, righteousness and just precepts and the closeness to Elohim they give. He admonishes them to never forget the day when Elohim gave them the Torah. He vividly describes it and encourages them to tell their children and grandchildren.

In Deut. 4:6-15, Moses proclaims that the nations of the world will appreciate the wisdom of the Hebrew people and recognize its Divine Source! Proclaiming that this is the greatness of our nation.

When Jews deny their Jewishness, it brings on the disdain of non-Jews. When a Jewish boy goes to public school on Yom Kippur, his non-Jewish friends do not respect him for it. In fact, when Sandy Koufax refused to play in the World Series on Yom Kippur, he was admired for his principles.

Moses reminds them that Elohim did not appear as any image or form because this will cause you to forsake Him. In Deut. 4:20 he tells them that they will be tried by fire, so that the impurities will be removed leaving them like pure gold. He also told them there would be a turning away but in the last days, during the end-times, they will return to Elohim.

Moses then repeats the 10 Words (commandments). He reminds them that the Sinai covenant was not limited to those who were physically present at Shavuot. Then in Deut. 5:32-33 he spoke something of utmost importance. “Therefore, you are to be careful to do as Adonai your Yah has ordered you, you are not to deviate either to the right or the left. You are to follow the entire way which Adonai your Yah has ordered you; so that you will live, things will go well with you, and you will live long in the land you are about to possess.”.

In Deut. 6, He shares the fundamental mitzvot of belief, Elohim’s unity, the love of Elohim, tefillin, mezuzah and Torah study. In Deut. 6:4-5 it says, “Hear, Israel! Adonai our Yah, Adonai is one. And you are to love Adonai your Yah with all your heart, all your being and all your resources.” This is known as the “Shema!”

The Shema is prayed twice a day. It is prayed at bedtime and when rising. In this prayer, you accept upon yourself the Kingdom of Elohim, and accept upon yourself His yoke, ready even to give up your life for the Oneness of Elohim. You are to love Him with all your HEART, SOUL and MIGHT! Heart: All desires should be directed to Elohim. Soul: Be ready to sacrifice your life, if necessary. Might: All your money and resources are from Elohim, and dedicated to Him.

How does one go about loving Elohim? By focusing on the Torah, you recognize the greatness of Elohim and come to love Him more. You teach them to your children, teaching them what is really important in life. Drawing them close to Elohim! We need to speak in their lives constantly the Word of Elohim developing an intimate relationship with Yah.

The Promised Land, your life will be filled with bounty and spoils but never forget who gave you the Land, all that you have in your life. So, we must remind our children why they are to obey the commandments. Because we were slaves in Egypt and Elohim took us out in order that we serve Him, so that we could reap the rewards for doing so.

Moses also encourages them to destroy the inhabitants along with their idols. He commands them not to intermarry, not because of race but because of belief! Why? Because according to Deut. 7:6 and 11, “You are a unique treasure.” “Therefore, you are to keep the mitzvot, laws and rulings which I am giving you today and obey them.”

So, we learn from this Parashah a very important principle. We must hear and do! We must hear His voice and obey His commandments. We learn that each day is a teaching process. In this last day, this last hour, we must walk out His commandments in obedience. No matter what the cost!

Shabbat Shalom Mishpocha,

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Have a great Sabbath and serve Adonai with all your heart, soul and might. Gather this Sabbath to give Adonai our Yah the praise that is due His name. Give Him thanks for all He has done. See you at the altar!

Shalom Aleichem



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