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May 18, 2024: Parashah Torah Portion Emor

This week’s Parashah Torah Portion Emor is taken from Leviticus 21:1-24:23. Join Dr. Jeffery Myers, as he warns us and makes us acutely aware of the fact that we have to take responsibility for our actions in how we educate our children. Why is this training for our children so important?  We are living in the end times.  The world is corrupt! Therefore, we need to do our part, so that our children can spiritually thrive! 

Follow along in the AUDIO PODCAST, by clicking on the play button below, and reading along with the notes, as you listen to today's Torah Portion:

This week’s Parashah Torah Portion Emor is taken from Leviticus 21:1-24:23

Lion of Judah Speaks: Parashah Torah Portion Emor - Leviticus 21:1-24:23:

The story is told of the rabbi who had a brother who was a doctor.  One day somebody mistakenly called the rabbi and asked if he could make an appointment with the doctor.  “You must be mistaken,” said the rabbi.  “You probably want to speak to my brother.  He practices…I preach.”  Leviticus 21:1 says, Speak to the priests, the sons of Aaron, and say to them…”. This torah portion begins with Elohim’s command to Moshe to speak to the priests about the special laws and restrictions applicable to them.  “Speak to the priests…say to them.”  What is the meaning of the seeming redundancy?


 Traditional explanations recorded in the Talmud is:  Moshe must not only tell the priests about the laws they must follow, but see to it that the adult priests in turn teach their children what Moshe had taught them.  In original Hebrew it reads “lehazhir” (literally; to warn) the elders regarding the youngsters.


We understand from this that we have to take responsibility for the education of our children, or, for that matter, others whom we come in contact.  We cannot just sit back, relax and expect education to “just happen.”  It takes effort (personal), not just from other people but from each of us!  There needs to be reinforcement at home by parents and the home environment.  The word, lehazhir , to warn, in Hebrew comes from the same word as “to shine.”  You could alternately read the sentence, “To cause the elders to shine regarding the youngsters.”  What is the connection between these two variant readings?


When one is given the responsibility to educate another, rather than viewing the obligation as an added burden – we should know that it is actually an opportunity for us, the teacher, to gain even more from teaching than the student gains from learning.  Our efforts to educate others have a positive effect on us as well.  How?  When we are trying to educate others, we become conscious of our behavior and our own character.  We try to practice what we preach!


As we try to impart good character traits and ideals to others, we find ourselves having to scrutinize and improve our own behavior so as to be a “shining example” to those we are seeking to educate and inspire.  Actions speak louder than words!  No amount of preaching substitutes for practice, for a living example for others to follow and become inspired.


Why is this training for our children so important?  We are living in the end times.  The world is corrupt!  Killing and being hated is on the rise.  Christians or Jews seem to be a target!  Just like before, faith will be challenged maybe on a regular basis.  During the crusades, for example, many thousands of Jews were forced to choose between the cross and the sword.  They were told to deny Judaism and embrace the dominant faith or die!  It seems we are getting there again!


Countless Jews gave their lives (al Kiddush HaShem) “in sanctification of the name of HaShem.”  They became martyrs for their faith and heroes for eternity!  For us, we don’t have to make that choice yet…for others, they do!  The difference is that today martyrdom is forced on people and not asked to make a choice…they are simply blown up or killed.


In Leviticus 22:31- 32 we find the commandments to sanctify the name of Elohim and never to desecrate it!  Generally, today, the concept of Kiddush HaShem, sanctifying the name, is observed not by dying as Jews, Hebrews, Israelites, or believers but by living as Jews, Hebrews, Israelites, or believers.


 How do we give Elohim a good name?  When we behave as a good follower should according to the Torah.  Elohim’s looking for Ambassadors!  We must train them!


Let’s look back at Leviticus 21:1…The first “say” is addressed to Moshe. The additional “and you shall say to them” is an instruction to the priests to instruct their young.  This is the first biblical reference to the parental obligation to educate their offspring.  But why here and why now?


The midrash relates that before Elohim agreed to gift us the Torah, He demanded a guarantor for its observance.  After looking around, the only ones He accepted as bond were the children, those who hold the future in their hands.  So certainly, Mount Sinai would have been the best time to give the command.  We are also taught that every text is part of a context.  So, isn’t our text a bit off?  The theme of this text is about priests and their laws, implying that educating one’s child is strictly a priest-thing?


The subject of our verse’s discussion is educating one’s child.  Parents responsibility to teach children is planted into our DNA by our father Abraham (Gen. 18:19).    In the writings of Rambam he says, “Not only the tribe of Levi, but every human being who desires and decides to devote himself to the service of Elohim…becomes sanctified to the degree of the Holy of Holies…and he merits receiving his needs in this world like the Levites and Priests.”


Every person can be a priest of Elohim if they desire.  Educating one’s child includes creating that desire!  Are you teaching your children to the point that they want more of Elohim?  Look at your children as; priests, pastors, teachers, evangelist, prophets, Elijahs Josephs, Pauls, Peters, Miriams, Esthers.  Demand yourself to upgrade your vision you possess of you and your children!  They are waiting to be great men and women of Elohim!  They are waiting to experience great revelation and presence of Adonai!  They need only to be developed!  Our children are ready…the question is “are we?”


Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train a youth according to His way, and even when he grows old, he will not depart from it.”  “His Way” …a child educated to go in the right path will stick to it throughout their life.  “His Way” refers to the right way, the way he ought to go.  “His Way’ in the sense that it is truly his, the way proper to him, if he is morally educated and trained.


Train: dedicate, initiating someone into a position. In Genesis 14:14 Abraham’s men are understood to be “trained men” hence “retainers.”  Who are the “youth”, anyone from birth to early maturity and designates status, not age!  Is it too late?  NO, not at all!


Shabbat Shalom Mishpocha,


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We must understand the responsibility we have been given.  Torah is not just for you but also who Elohim has put in your path to teach!  Rise up Priests and take your place!  Have a great Sabbath and we will see you at the altar!


Shalom Aleichem




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