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September 09, 2023: Haftorah - Isaiah 61:10-63:9

This week's Haftorah reading is from Isaiah 61:10-63:9. Join Dr. Jeffery Myers as he expands on the joy we, as co-laborers in ELOHIM’S Kingdom have, because we have been set free from our sins! Not by our own efforts or works, but through the work of the SERVANT, Elohim will declare the status of His people to be righteous…because of the finished work of our Savior, YESHUA HA'MASHIACH!

Follow along in the AUDIO PODCAST, by clicking on the play button below, and reading along with the notes, as you listen to today's Haftorah Portion:

Lion of Judah Speaks: Haftorah Portion – Isaiah 61:10-63:9

As we reach the end of Isaiah 61, Elohim’s people is described as rejoicing in Adonai, and they are finding their joy as co-laborers in Elohim’s Kingdom because they have been set free by Elohim from our sins. We now rejoice in Adonai because He has clothed us with the garments of salvation and placed on us the robe of righteousness. Elohim takes sinful people and makes us beautiful, planting us as oaks of righteousness for His own glory. What began in Isaiah 61 continues in Isaiah 62.

Elohim is relentless for His people. He will not keep quiet and will not stand still. He will not stop until Zion has righteousness and salvation going forth in His brightness like a burning torch or bush. Zion represents all of Yah’s people…” those who turn from transgression.” When the Servant/Redeemer comes bringing total salvation, Zion will be completely changed. Halleluyah and amen! Rather than being full of sins, we will possess righteousness and salvation. We all know that this is not a deserved righteousness, nothing from our own efforts and works. However, through the work of the Servant, Elohim will declare the status of His people to be righteous…because of the finished work of our Savior, Yeshua HaMashiach.

This is the righteousness and glory that the nations will see. They will not see our perfect works, for that cannot happen. Rather, the nations are going to see people who are transformed and living different lives because Elohim has called them righteous and saved them from their sins. He has called them out of this world and transformed them by the renewing of their minds. The people will be so radically transformed that Yah says these people will be called by a new name (Isa. 62:2). This indicates the people have a new character and new relationship with Yeshua and in Him we are new creatures with a new relationship with our Abba.

The picture continues in verse 3. We will no longer be defiled and filthy because of our sins. Elohim has saved us so that we are pictured as a beautiful crown in the hand of Adonai. We are possessed by Yah! We belong to Him and are in His hand…engraved in His hands. A beautiful picture of Elohim’s relationship with us. The point is that Elohim has made us glorious! We have been transformed from filthy sinners to a beautiful crown in the hand of Adonai. Verse 4 continues to describe this new relationship that we will have with Him because we have been forgiven. We will no longer be forsaken or desolate. He will never leave us or forsake us. He will be with us wherever we are and wherever we go.

This was visualized when the people were in the wilderness and Yah led them with a pillar of fire and cloud. Elohim was with His people for their journey to the promised land…the good and bad. In the same way, we see this same promise given to all of us. Hebrews 13:5-6 says, “Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for He has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” So we can confidently say, “Adonai is my helper, I will not fear what can man do to me?”

Instead of being forsaken, we will have two new names. The land will be called “Married.” This is a picture of the covenant relationship we are in with our Elohim. We are possessed by Him! It is useful to note that the Hebrew word for married is “Beulah.” If you grew up in the church you might have sung the song “Beulah Land.” This song comes from Isaiah 62:4. The land will no longer be desolate or forsaken because we are married to Adonai.

The other description for us is also found in verse 4. “You shall be called My delight is in Her.” Isn’t that amazing? Adonai will find His delight and joy in us! Do you grasp this? Do you recognize this? Elohim delights in you! The Brit Chadasha says the same thing about us, though we might have missed this important truth. “Just so, I tell you, there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who need no repentance” (Luke 15:7).

Adonai delights in His people, not because we are perfect or sinless, but because He has clothed us with salvation and righteousness which is transforming us into His image. Notice that verse 5 drives this thought home even deeper. “As the bridegroom rejoices over the bride, so shall your Elohim rejoice over you.” Marriage is a joyful, glorious day. This is the joy Yah has for us to belong to Him and be His people. How amazing it is that the all-sufficient Yah finds joy in us!

Isaiah 62:6-9 tells us that the watchmen are set up in Jerusalem. But they are not to be watching for enemies to attack. This was the usual function of the watchmen. They would sound the alarm when the enemies would approach. But this is not the purpose for these watchmen. These watchmen are pictured as calling on Adonai day and night until Yah accomplishes this promise of salvation and righteousness. Keep calling on Adonai to accomplish this promise of salvation and righteousness. Keep calling on Adonai to accomplish His promises. Elohim will do it but give Him no rest until it is done.

Look what powerful picture Elohim is offering us. He will do it! But we still need to pray! Pray for Elohim to accomplish His promises. Do not give Yah rest until He does. Let us be persistent in prayer! Keep praying…keep praying…keep praying! Keep praying and never lose heart! How amazing that Yah calls on us to pray, and pray even more!

Isaiah 62:10-12, again, the call goes through the land to the people to get ready. Prepare the way for the people to come to Adonai because salvation is coming. Elohim is removing our sin obstacles so that we can come to Him, Salvation is coming! We shall be called; “The holy people”, “The Redeemed of Adonai”, “Sought Out, A City not Forsaken.” What a picture of Elohim’s love! Elohim went after us! Elohim was not going to give us up even though we were enslaved in our sins. You are not forsaken! Elohim has come to your rescue. Elohim has redeemed you. Elohim has made you holy and you belong to Him. Lift up your eyes and see that your Savior comes. Here comes your salvation!

Isaiah 63:1-6 opens us with the arrival of the Savior who brings salvation to His people. He himself used His own might and brought salvation to His people. Elohim sees us and He is moved to help us, even when no one else can! Yeshua has gone to war against our greatest enemy! He will not lose! Yeshua is Faithful and True! Elohim deals with the armies of darkness and wickedness. He will bring justice and have His day of vengeance.

Elohim delights in you and fights for you. He has solved our greatest need by saving us from our sins. Trust in Adonai through suffering and difficulties. Trust in Adonai through mistreatment and evil. Be watchmen praying day and night to bring salvation to His people. Elohim will do it! Every evildoer will receive justice. Hope in Yah! Elohim will never give up…He will find you and He will rescue you! Believe it!

Shabbat Shalom Mishpocha,

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Have a great Sabbath! As watchmen let your shofars be heard! Cry unto Adonai. Be relentless until salvation comes for His people! May shalom and victory be yours this Sabbath. Come and let us gather to worship Elohim! See you at the altar!

Shalom Aleichem

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