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September 3, 2022: Haftarah – Isaiah 51:12–52:12

This week’s Haftarah portion is Isaiah 51:12–52:12. Listen in as Dr. Jeffrey Myers studies these two important chapters from a Messianic perspective, particularly with respect to the final coming of the Messiah and the reigning in of the Messianic Era.

Follow along in the AUDIO PODCAST, by clicking on the play button below, and reading along with the notes, as you listen to today's Haftarah:

Lion of Judah Speaks: Haftarah Portion – Isaiah 51:12–52:12

In Isaiah 51 and 52, the Messiah Himself is speaking throughout the two chapters. Having introduced the Servant, Isaiah reassures the Hebrew captives that one day they will be free. The message foreshadows the coming of the Messiah and the final liberation of the remnant in Yah’s everlasting Kingdom. Isaiah urges the hearer to give their full attention to this important message. Adonai admonishes His people, “Hearken to Me”, meaning wake up, or listen up! Just as Adonai had blessed Abraham, He would comfort Israel, changing its wilderness into the Garden of Eden. He would bring everlasting salvation and justice to all people. To those who “follow after righteousness” to hear and obey the Word of Adonai; only then do men sincerely “seek Adonai”. (51:1)

Isaiah called on Adonai to bring about a second exodus as the nation He had led out of Egypt would now be led out of Babylon. As he looked into the future, he saw the Millennium with everlasting joy.

The believing remnant in Israel is to remember Abraham and receive encouragement. Even though the present circumstances are bleak, the future is great for those who trust in Yah. The people are to look back to the patriarchs and matriarchs and see the faithfulness of Yah to them and trust Adonai in His promises too. They are reminded from whence Adonai had found and chosen them. Why is it important to remember the past? Because Yah’s faithfulness to His promises in the past, proved not only to them, but validates to us that Yah could be trusted to bless His people, and restore the inheritance of Israel.

They are also to look to the future; a day when “a law shall proceed from Him”, and His judgment will serve as “a light of (for) the people. In that glorious day, the world that had been corrupted by sin will perish. Those who have placed their faith in Adonai will know His salvation” shall be forever, and His righteousness shall not be abolished.

Finally, Adonai admonishes the people to look within, where they will find either fear or faith. Isaiah constantly calls on the people to trust Yah who overcomes their fears. They are told to only fear Yah; only He should be held in awe, the people are warned. They are not to fear man…why? Because men and their taunting and cursing are temporal, like moth eaten garments, and the worm that eats (garments) like wool. Moths and worms do their work slowly and secretly, but effectively nonetheless. While the Israelites couldn’t see it; the seeds of destruction already were being sown in Babylon, and the pagan nation that Yah would use to chasten His people one day would be punished for their rebellion against Yah and His chosen ones. Meanwhile, Adonai’s salvation and righteousness will endure forever.

Isaiah prophesied the Hebrew people would cry to Adonai for deliverance during their captivity, saying in Isaiah 51:9, “Awake, awake (wake up), put on strength, O arm of Adonai; Awake, as in the ancient days”. Isaiah prophesied the “redeemed of Adonai” would return “singing unto Zion”, and with “gladness and joy; and sorrow and mourning shall flee away.”

There is a message for us as a Kehillah…the people whom Yeshua has redeemed with His blood, as well as by His power, will obtain joyful deliverance from every enemy. In this world of changes, it is a short step from joy to sorrow, but in that world, sorrow shall never come in view. The Kehillah shall enjoy security by the power and providence of the Almighty.

Jerusalem would eventually be destroyed, and the people would stagger in their afflictions, upon drinking the “cup of fury”. They will be left weakened and snared in the net of their sin, no one will come to their aid. So, she will fall, not by drunkenness, but by the fierce wrath of Yah. However, He will not forsake His people and Babylon will pay dearly for their affliction on Jerusalem. For the remnant living in Babylon, there is good news, the judges will become judged and the tormentors will be tormented. After years of captivity, the Jews will rejoice as they leave Babylon to return home.

Isa 52:13-14 says, “See, my Servant will act wisely, He will be raised and lifted up and highly exalted. Just as there were many who were appalled at Him—His appearance was so disfigured beyond that of any human being and His form marred beyond human likeness.” This is a portrait of not only the character of the Messiah fulfilled in Yeshua, but also the astonishing physical suffering he would face as a man.

When we hear of persecuted and martyred believers around the world, we should take comfort in Yah’s promise that those who oppress His people will experience His wrath. The cup of trembling will be put into their own hand. Babylon’s situation will be worse than Jerusalem’s ever was. Daniel’s persecutors shall be thrown into Daniel’s den; let them see how they like it. Adonai is returning soon…the Babylon of this day will experience what it has dished out---it won’t be pretty!

The bride needs to wake up, awaken because judgment is coming. The judgment is love expressed because He desires for us to serve and love Him with all our hearts. Our Father will use any means to shake us awake…let’s judge ourselves lest we be judged! Yeshua is coming after a Bride without spot or wrinkle. Turn now, out of our slumber…let’s prepare ourselves for His return!

Shabbat Shalom Mishpocha

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Have a great week and remember the Fall feasts are coming. Could this be the Last trumpet…prepare yourself for the King! Have a great Sabbath!

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