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June 18, 2022: Haftarah – Zechariah 2:14–4:7

This week’s Haftarah portion is Zechariah 2:14–4:7. Listen in as Dr. Jeffery Myers digs into the vision of the Menorah by the prophet Zechariah.

Follow along in the AUDIO PODCAST, by clicking on the play button below, and reading along with the notes, as you listen to today's Haftarah:

Lion of Judah Speaks: Haftarah Portion – Zechariah 2:14–4:7

Zechariah has a vision and within the vision he sees a large golden menorah, with seven branches. This prophetic understanding was given before the building of the Second Temple. The parallel to the menorah of the Tabernacle is certainly obvious. Yet, the differences are equally evident. The haftorah opens with a vivid depiction of the joy that will prevail when HaShem returns to Jerusalem. There will be singing and rejoicing, dancing and celebration for Adonai will come and dwell in their midst. What a wonderful sight to behold and be a part of!

The menorah of Zechariah’s vision has spouts connected to each of the bowls on the menorah branches, and two olive trees on either side give a continuous supply of oil. Zechariah inquires two times about the meaning of what he has seen, especially the two olive trees and what they represent. The answer doesn’t seem to fit the question as Adonai describes the success of Zerubbabel in rebuilding the Temple, not being built by his own strength or his own might but by the Ruach HaKodesh. However, we see that there will be a restoration of the Temple and Israel will fulfill her role as the “light” nation…giving Yah’s light to the world!

The two olive trees represent two anointed men, Joshua and Zerubbabel, who represent the anointed priest and king respectively, and are each a foreshadow of the final and ultimate priest and king, the Messiah Yeshua! The prophetic vision reveals that when the office of priest and king are combined in the reigning Messiah that the vision of Zechariah will be completed, for He also would build the Temple of Adonai. This Temple built under the rule of Joshua and Zerubbabel is a foreshadow of the final Temple where Yeshua will reign!

This building of the Temple under divine strength also foreshadowed the work of the Messiah who would accomplish that which can be done only by the supernatural and infinite power of Almighty Himself.

In this parashah and haftorah the same theme is emphasized, that is, the purpose of YHVH to dwell among His people, and to secure their success through His Presence. We are all on a journey, but this journey must not be in our own strength, nor in our own wisdom, but according to the pattern Yah Himself has given us. We have been given very clear “marching orders”, the pattern of life which we must follow as we journey. In order to reach our final destination, we must journey with Adonai in our midst allowing Him to guide us and defend us. We cannot lose hope or heart in the struggles that come as a result of our journey. We focus on things above not on things below, our hope is in a place in which Yah dwells and His glory is no longer restrained by our weakness and disobedience, but where the “rest” purchased for us becomes a reality. This hope purifies and strengthens us to continue running the race!

Yeshua is the Author and Builder; He is the Finisher of our faith. Even though we walk through the wilderness of this life by faith we experience the joy of our salvation. Yes, we are still in the wilderness and our journey continues and yes, death still punctuates our wilderness life but we await with groanings our full redemption! So, we journey with our eye upon HaShem and the Promised Land to which He is bringing us! Is this not the ultimate goal of our faith, that He should be our Yah, and we should be His people? Is not the purpose of the covenant to bring us close and to experience an abiding fellowship with our Father and His people? This is why Yeshua came, that His people would be saved from their sins and create a family fit for His dwelling.

Yeshua is greater than the material building, greater than the articles, sacrifices and obligations. He Himself is THE TEMPLE personified! We come in worship now to Him as a person, not in worship to a building. Yah who is Spirit cannot be confined to the material, yet in His mercy and grace He manifested Himself in the material temple. What is tragic is then and now we come to the House of Yah to worship but miss the Yah of the House. It is not by might, nor by power but by My Spirit says the L-rd!

So, the question for us is, “Will we let the Ruach fill us with the Presence of YHVH and will we be obedient and walk in relationship with our Father?” If we have a heart which desires Yah, we naturally desire to come near to Him. We want to be in His presence! Adonai simply wants to love us and wants us to love Him in return.

When that cloud filled the temple, the people and priests could not see anyone or anything around them, because all that was visible to them was the Presence of Adonai. Difficult times call for us to be great lights fed by an ongoing supply of oil, the Ruach Hakodesh. The “menorah” in this haftorah was to be fed by both branches working together. Joshua and Zerubbabel shared authority and their success and future of their nation wasn’t dependent on their personal power or position. Instead, it was contingent on the Ruach HaKodesh! YHVH’s mission was greater than the both of them.

My success and your success are dependent on whether we surrender who we are and yield to who He is and allow His Ruach to move in the way that will please Him and empower us to make a difference where He has planted us!

Shabbat Shalom Mishpocha!

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