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May 25, 2024: Haftorah - Jeremiah 32:6-27

This week's Haftorah reading is from Jeremiah 32:6-27. Join Dr. Jeffery Myers as he points out the fact that through the power of redemption, a reversal for Israel will take place! The prophet Jeremiah obeys YAH, setting his faith in motion, understanding that ADONAI is able to reverse anything for His glory! The same is true for us today! HalelluYAH!

Follow along in the AUDIO PODCAST, by clicking on the play button below, and reading along with the notes, as you listen to today's Haftorah Portion:

HafTorah Scripture: Jeremiah 32:17 “Ah, Sovereign Lord, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you."

Lion of Judah Speaks: Haftorah – Jeremiah 32:6-27:

As we look into this week’s Torah portion, we find the instructions regarding the year of Jubilee (Yovel in Hebrew).  Lev. 25:10-13 says, “You are to consecrate the 50th year, proclaiming freedom throughout the land to all its inhabitants.  It will be a yovel for you; you will return everyone to the land he owns, and everyone is to return to his family.  That 50th year will be a Jubilee for you: in that year you are not to sow, harvest what grows by itself or gather the grapes of untended vines, because it is a yovel.  It will be holy for you; whatever the fields produce will be food for all of you.  In this year of yovel, every one of you is to return to the land he owns.”


Existing within the laws of Jubilee is the redemption of land or properties.  These laws or commands regarding the Sabbatical years are not only about trusting Elohim that He will provide for all our needs, but about future redemption, which is brought forth through Yeshua HaMashiach.


The Torah portion reveals that the land belongs to Elohim.  Therefore, every piece of property is to be provided for the redemption of the land.  If part of the property has to be sold, then his closest redeemer is to come and buy back what his relative has sold.  The “closest redeemer” is a blood relative, and with this in mind we understand the instruction that Jeremiah received in Jeremiah 32:6-8 which states he was to buy his uncle’s land.  Why buy land that is controlled by a foreign government and why buy it while imprisoned?  We see a prophetic picture in what Yah is asking of Jeremiah.  The purchase of this land would symbolize Yah’s future redemption of the land when back in the hands of the Hebrew people.


The hope of Jeremiah, the hope of Israel is found in Jeremiah 32:15, “For Adonai-Tzva’ot, the Yah of Israel, says that one day homes, fields, and vineyards will again be bought in this land.”  This narrative in Jeremiah would seem to be an odd, ridiculous, and bizarre request from Elohim since he is sitting in a prison cell.  However, this is no ordinary purchase.  It is a prophetic act, an act of faith, a calling of those things that are not as though they are.  Believing that Elohim knows more than we do, so we trust Him with a supernatural understanding but a natural act of faith!  Jeremiah knows the city is about to be demolished and all of Israel conquered, but in obedience to Yah he redeems the land.  He believes the Word of Adonai and extends his faith by doing something in the natural that logically makes no sense but spiritually puts in motion the hand of Adonai.  Faith without works is dead!  His prophetic act is a refusal to give up and to trust Adonai’s plan and purpose for Israel. Knowing He will perform His will no matter what it looks like right now! He trusts in Yah’s mercy!  One day, Elohim will bring His people back home to the land and to Himself.  Elohim keeps His promises!


In Jeremiah 32:17, in the middle of his prayer to request understanding of Yah’s plan and to clarify parts that seem to confuse him he confesses that “nothing is too hard for Yah.”  Because of that truth, Yah will perform and execute His plan and promise and bring Israel back from exile.  The field Jeremiah purchased is a token of that promise.


In Jeremiah 33:3 Elohim says, “Call out to Me, and I will answer you – I will tell you great things, hidden things of which you are unaware.”  Whether it is Shemittah, Jubilee, Sabbath, kosher eating, or simply hard commands to follow, faith is required to obey the truth of Yah’s Word.  There is one thing we know; Elohim will abundantly provide if we obey Him and walk in His ways whether we are free or in prison.  But like any of these statutes that Elohim gives us to reveal Himself to us, we can foil the picture through our disobedience.


May we never negate the very truth Yah intends for us to learn through the statutes, ordinances, circumstances or situations we find ourselves involved in.  We must learn the valuable lessons in all aspects of life!  Many who view the Torah as having no lasting value believe that the Torah is eternal and devoid of the real spiritual, heart issues – issues that Yeshua and His Apostles taught.  We know that this “stinking thinking” is false and flawed.  Elohim uses His Word to perform His will…His Word does not return to Him void!


Yah is a Yah of great reversals!  Through the power of redemption, a reversal for Israel will take place and Jeremiah obeys Yah and sets his faith in motion that Yah is able to reverse anything for His glory.  Yeshua is still working His redemption!  We, enslaved by sin, and who could never acquire sufficient means to redeem ourselves, stuck in a prison, in a land consumed by a heathen structure, become instantly free through the redemptive power of Yeshua’s sacrifice applied by faith through the life-giving work of the Ruach.  Elohim is a sovereign Yah and those who are His, whom He has chosen, are alone those who are given the privilege of redemption and freedom…all others are permanently enslaved!  This emphasizes the awesome and unexplainable sovereignty of the Almighty.


However, what is the purpose of our redemption?  Does it mean He set us free so we can choose to live our lives the way we desire?  Are we only obedient to our will and our wants?  Yeshua reveals the true nature of freedom.  We have been redeemed from the enslaving tyrant of sin and death in order to serve our Master.  “Let My people go, that they may worship / serve Me” is Yah’s famous words!  If we serve Him, we will serve others as He did – willingly putting ourselves in the position of servant.  It is when we act as His permanent servants that we enjoy the true reality of freedom.


Jubilee is coming!  You may not realize that you are imprisoned, that you need a Messiah, but you can’t deny that this world does.  Just look at the suffering, injustice, and oppression all around us.  Yeshua embodies the hope of liberty, of a return to Elohim’s order and justice that is rooted in the Torah and reflected throughout our Scriptures.  Yeshua is our Redeemer, He has already launched a restoration that has had immeasurable impact on the world we live in, and is evidence of redemption to come.  Elohim provides a way of return to Himself, this return restores us to families and friendships that have been damaged, to our share in Scripture and the tradition that flows from it.


Those who follow Messiah Yeshua believe He is the One who brings about this return for all of Israel.  Jubilee must be proclaimed! Moshe said in Leviticus 25:9-10 paraphrased, “You shall sound the shofar, and You shall proclaim liberty.”  As we await the Jubilee to come, may we proclaim the Jubilee that is already here in Messiah Yeshua, so that many in Israel and beyond may return to their families and their holdings!


Shabbat Shalom Mishpocha,


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I pray you will enjoy this appointed Sabbath and remember to give Elohim the praise that is due His name!  Worship Him with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.  See you at the altar!


Shalom Aleichem

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